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Special Tomato MPS Mobile Floor Base

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The Special Tomato_ Multi-Positioning Seat Wooden Mobile Floor Base allows for 10 - 25 degrees of Tilt-In-Space to allow for a range of positioning needs. It comes standard with 4 swivel wheels with rear locks for easy maneuvering around the home or in the classroom. A convenient tray storage is located on the back for the Optional Tray.

The Optional Wooden MPS Base can be used for both the Small & the Large MPS. HOWEVER, the front casters get installed differently depending on which size MPS seat you are using with the base. The Small MPS requires that the front caster bracket gets installed to the OUTSIDE of the wooden wings due to a collision with the foot rest. The Large MPS requires that the front caster bracket gets installed to the INSIDE of the wooden wings to decrease wood flex with heavy loads & add foot print stability. Changing the installation of the front caster brackets is the only change that is needed to change the Mobile Floor Base between a Small and Large MPS Seating System.

Click here to view & print the Special Tomato SMALL MPS Mobile Base Instructions.

Click here to view & print the Special Tomato LARGE MPS Mobile Base Instructions.

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Standard Features include:
  • Modern design
  • Wooden base gives furniture feel
  • Wood complements the chocolate base
  • Tray storage
  • 4 swivel casters – 2 rear have locks
  • Wooden Components are Made in the USA!
Special Tomato_ MPS Wooden Mobile Base
Maximum User Weight
150 lbs. (68 kg)
Width for SMALL Configuration
22 (56 cm)
Width for LARGE Configuration
20.75" (53 cm)
28.25" (72 cm)
26" (66 cm)
Weight of Mobile Base
30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Seat Tilt-in-Space
10-25 degrees
MPS Mobile Base:

Moving the MPS from the Mobile Base to a Chair:
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