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Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Booster Car Seat™

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Now FAA approved for flying!

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Booster Car Seat combines the comfortable, contoured support you love from Special Tomato with the safety and security of an affordable booster seat for older children that need support beyond what can be provided by booster car seats designed for typically developing children. The Booster Car Seat is recommended for children with mild to moderate physical involvement. The Booster Car Seat promotes an upright, seated posture while traveling in a vehicle. There is a 5-year Manufacturer Warranty for the Booster Car Seat.


The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Booster Car Seat includes the LATCH strap to keep the Booster positioned on the vehicle seat. The Booster includes a Multi-Positioning Trunk & Pelvic Harness for positioning purposes only. The vehicle's shoulder/lap belt is used to secure your child and the Booster to the vehicle seat for safety. The Booster Car Seat passed the FMVSS 213 (US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213) so you can have peace of mind that your child will be safe, supported and secure.

The Soft-Touch Booster Car Seat is also FAA compliant and approved for use on airplanes.

The Soft-Touch Booster Car Seat can be taken out of your vehicle and used as a seating system when you are out and about. The Booster Car Seat has two sets of attachment straps to attach the Booster to most stable chairs in your home, a restaurant, or community center. As you order the Booster Car Seat, you will also have the opportunity in Required Step #3, to purchase an indoor base for the Booster Car Seat. There are 3 options- Floor Sitter Base, Stationary Base, and Mobile Base.

  • Floor Sitter Base- Also called the Floor Wedge Base, this base allows your child to be fully supported in the sitting position while on the floor. This level of seating is great for interaction between children with special needs and peers that are playing on the floor.
  • Stationary Base- This strong wooden base allows children to be close to the floor without caregivers having to transfer them all the way down to the floor. The Stationary Base is equipped with furniture glides to protect floors.
  • Mobile Base- This is the same strong wooden base as the stationary base, but has a frame equipped with four swivel castors and rear locking brakes. Castors provide maneuverability around the room or room to room, even in space restricted areas.

All base options allow for up to 25 degrees of seat tilt. This can provide a slightly reclined, gravity assisted resting position for children who fatigue while sitting fully upright.

Please Note: There is a 6-year Expiration Date for the Booster Car Seat for use during transportation! The Seat itself can be used beyond 10 years with the Wooden Mobile Base or attached to a standard chair for more than 10 years!

Please Note: NHSTA School Bus Rules/Regulations do not include special needs car seat regulations for children over 40 lbs. The MPS Car Seat is not tested for INSTALLATION DIRECTLY INTO A SCHOOL BUS SEAT.

The Special Tomato (MPS Car Seat or Booster Car Seat) are not available for sale through Adaptivemall.com in Canada. Product may be purchased through your local authorized Canadian distributor.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Soft-Touch Booster Car Seat is made of a seamless, LATEX-FREE, anti-microbial material
  • Special Needs Booster Car Seat for older children that still need support in a vehicle
  • Use the included attachment straps to attach to a standard chair when not being used in a vehicle OR purchase your choice of indoor base
  • Recommended for children with mild to moderate physical involvement
  • Critical measurements: Weight Capacity, Seat Depth & Shoulder Height of the Harness. View the "Size Chart" below for specific measurements for each size.
  • Questions? Our therapists can help you with a proper fit to start please click SIZING HELP and complete a simple form, or call us toll free at (800) 371-2778

Standard features include:

  • Soft contoured support for a comfortable ride
  • Portable, lightweight and durable
  • FMVSS213 compliant
  • FAA compliant
  • Installs with LATCH belt
  • Use the included attachment straps to attach to a standard chair when not being used in a vehicle OR purchase your choice of indoor base
  • Use vehicle shoulder/lap belt to secure occupant
  • Positioning Harness for support
  • Easy to clean, messes wipe off with mild detergent
  • 5-year Warranty

Click here to view the Booster Car Seat Manual!

Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Booster Car Seat™


Minimum Weight Capacity

51 lbs. (23 kg)

81 lbs. (37 kg)

Maximum Weight Capacity
90 lbs. (41 kg)
130 lbs. (59 kg)
Inside Seat Depth

11.5" (28.75 cm)

13.5" (33.75 cm)

Inside Seat Width

12" (30 cm)"

14" (35 cm)"

Seat Back Height

29" (72.5 cm)

35" (87.5 cm)

Harness Shoulder Height

14.5-18.5" (37-47 cm)

17.75-22.25" (45-56.5 cm)

Overall Seat Depth

16" (40 cm)

19" (47.5 cm)

Overall Seat Width

16" (40 cm)

18" (45 cm)

Overall Seat Height*

34" (85 cm)

40" (100 cm)

Weight of Seat

13 lbs. (6 kg)

15 lbs. (7 kg)

Minimum Height of User

40" (102cm)

50" (127cm)

Maximum Height of User

56" (142cm)

65" (165cm)

*Overall seat height: Customer MUST measure from the seat surface to the headliner to be sure the large will fit into your vehicle.
Soft-Touch Tilt Wedge Bases FLOOR Sitter Base Small STATIONARY Base Large STATIONARY Base Small MOBILE Base Large MOBILE Base
Base Fits Sitter Sizes 1, 2 & 3 1, 2 & 3 4 & 5 1, 2 & 3 4 & 5
Overall Width 19" (48.3 cm) 17.5" (44.5 cm) 19.25" (48.9 cm) 17.5" (44.5 cm) 19.25" (48.9 cm)
Overall Depth 22.5." (57.2 cm) 30" (76.2 cm) 35" (88.9 cm) 30" (76.2 cm) 35" (88.9 cm)
Overall Height 12.5" (31.8 cm) 16" (40.6 cm) 23.0" (58.4 cm) 19.5" (49.5 cm) 26.5" (67.3 cm)
Weight of Base 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
Degree of Tilt 25° 25° 25° 25° 25°
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