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Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding

Help Change a Child's Life!

Over the years, funding for special needs products has become more difficult. Insurance companies are funding less, and the equipment prices are staying the same. So what is a family in need to do?

Our sister company, Adaptivemall.com is providing the solution...

The Kiddie Pool is a FREE Service Program that works like a fundraiser. Your family joins the program and a custom webpage is created for your child with special needs. Included on the webpage is a photograph of your child, your child's story, products desired for your child and fun facts about your child. This webpage is designed to be shared with friends and family through an email campaign.

Once friends and family members visit your child's webpage, they can read about your child and learn about the products he/she needs. They can then make a donation for your child that will be put into an account on Adaptivemall.com. You will receive an email each time someone has donated to your child's fund so that you can keep track of where you are with your goal. Once your child has received enough donations, you can redeem them for the products desired. It's as simple as that. And the best part is...

Adaptivemall.com does it all for you...FREE OF CHARGE!