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Understanding the Benefits of Hi-Low Seating

Hi-Low Seating Systems provide positioning for various activities throughout the day, all in one seat! The ability to adjust the seat height to the floor allows for multiple activities within one chair. Less transfers in and out of equipment means more activity time for the user, less strain on the body of the care givers.

  • Fewer Transfers - Save time with fewer transfers with Hi-Low Seating Systems. No need to move in and out of different pieces of equipment at home or school to accomplish different tasks throughout the day.
  • Height-Adjustable - Use down at the floor for games at home or circle time at school. With a quick adjustment with the child still in the chair, the Hi-Low Seating System, can be used up at a table for meals and homework.
  • Increased Independence - Set the height of the Hi-Low Seating System to allow for standing transfers. This weight-bearing activity has many physiological as well as psychological benefits.

Many of the Hi-Low Seating Systems offered feature Tilt-in-Space and or Recline. These two adjustments allow the caregiver to provide temporary pressure relief within the chair. It also allows for different positioning options of the user for various activities: eating, homework, relaxing, etc.

With the ability to adjust the height to allow for weight-bearing on the legs increases independence of the user and can also decrease the number of caregivers needed for transferring. Stand-Pivot transfers allow the user to be as independent as possible, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Weight-bearing on the legs also helps with blood circulation, increases bone density, and provides an active stretch to the leg muscles.

Be sure to check out the Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS to see all that it has to offer...Special Tomato Soft-Touch Cushions on a Hi-Low Base!

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