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Living With… Multiple Congenital Birth Anomalies

Hello! My name is Kim and I am 16 years old. When I was born, I had multiple congenital birth anomalies. For me, this meant that I was missing part of both arms, part of one of my legs, and my tongue and jawbone (mandible).

Kim has conquered every obstacle that has come her way, astounding professionals along the way. Anyone who meets her can’t help but noticed the amount of determination she has and her love of life.

Kim has a prosthetic leg to help her walk short distances. For longer distances, she will opt to be pushed in a Convaid Metro Stroller.

She also has two prosthetic arms to help her do some fine motor skills like writing her name. If she’s not wearing her prosthetic arms, that doesn’t stop her from engaging with her world. She is a whiz with her gaming system.

Kim has received her school services at home throughout the years due to her multiple surgeries. This allows her to continue to work on her school subjects while recovering.

Kim continues to persevere through life, bringing joy, love and hope to all that meet her!