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Living With...Cerebral Palsy

"Hello! My name is Jordy and I am 12 years old! I've had Cerebral Palsy since birth, but it's never had me! I have my family to thank for that! My family has made the biggest difference in my life because they are always there for me and they make me smile and are always so much fun to be with. They accept and love me just the way I am."

Jordy's Mom says that she is just as much a part of their family as anyone else. They make adaptations to include Jordy in all of their family activities. Jordy does everything her family does, just in her own way. She loves everything from dressing up on Halloween to jet skiing to ice-skating.

Jordy's Mom said that the most rewarding part of having a child with special needs was "seeing all of her accomplishments and celebrating the little things that we take for granted with our typical children."

The people Jordy's family has met many people in the special needs community are the most caring, loving, and accepting people in the entire world. Some of those people are at Jordy's school, The Royal Palm School, where her favorite subjects are computers and cooking. Other examples are Pete and Deena Hoagland who run Island Dolphin Care where Jordy goes every summer to swim with dolphins!

Jordy loves being around her family too! Her adaptive equipment helps her engage with her family and friends. When she's in her stander, she is the same height as everyone else and engages in family activities like cooking with her mom and sister and playing basketball with her dad and brother. She chases her brother when she's in her walker and dances with her friends. She loves to swim with everyone else and play water games in the pool with her float. And her stroller is perfect for shopping with her mom and sister so she fits down the aisles.

Anyone that meets Jordy can immediately notice her great sense of humor and her love of being around people. Many say that they are inspired by Jordy's smile and positive attitude.