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Understanding Portable Seating


Portable seating systems can be a great solution to one of the unique challenges of being the parent of a child with special needs.  When you are out in the community or at a friend’s house, having a safe and secure spot for your child to sit can be difficult. Your goal is for your child to enjoy life to their best abilities.  Portable seating systems allow you to take your special needs equipment on the go no matter where you're headed so that you know your little one has safe, comfortable and familiar seating in any setting. Adaptivemall.com has a large selection of portable seating. From booster seats for eating to floor seating for playtime, there are many options to choose from.

Special Tomato OASSpecial Tomato OAS
Special Tomato® OAS



The Special Tomato Out & About Seat allows you to provide a safe place for your child on almost any chair. It comes equipped with a 3-point pelvic belt for positioning and security. There is also a 5-point Harness to help keep your child sitting up so that they can focus on eating or any other table top activity. The Special Tomato Liners can be added as optional accessories to provide more positioning support for children that need more help to maintain a midline position while seated.

R82 ScallopR82 Scallop
R82 Scallop


The R82 Scallop is a fun, simple seat that can attach to other chairs or be used on the ground. It envelopes your child to help give them a sense of security. It is a great option when positioning needs are minimal and sensory input may be required. It has a 3-point pelvic belt for safety.

Special Tomato Soft-Touch SitterSpecial Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter
Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Sitter




For children with moderate positioning needs, the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter Only provides full body support. With the two attachment straps, you are able to provide a safe and clean spot for your child no matter where your busy life takes you. The Soft-Touch Sitters are also equipped with a 3-point pelvic belt and a 5-point Harness. Both together provide support and security to keep your child in position.

All of these options are also great for traveling! Most of these systems are small enough to pack in suitcases or carry on to a plane. Remember that our Adaptivemall.com team of therapists can always assist you with finding the right portable seats for whatever environment you are travelling to. Feel free to call us at 1-800-371-2778 or fill out our Size Help Request Form.