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Special Tomato
15 S 2nd St
Dolgeville NY 13329
P# 866-529-8407
F# 315-429-8862
Therapy Roll - Soft-Touch  3" x 8"

Special Tomato Soft-TouchTherapy Roll 3" x 8"

Item# 75000104
MSRP: $121.61
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Special Tomato Soft-Touch Rolls are available in the small size of 3" x 8". When a large roll is not appropriate for therapy, this smaller roll can be used in various therapies. Clinical applications include using to help normalize muscle tone and decrease primitive reflexes, to support smaller body parts when range of motion is limited, to maintain leg separation while seated, used in car seats to position legs or trunk, and used under the feet to develop balance reactions.
Standard Features Include:

  • 5- Year Warranty

  • Made from Latex Free Materials

  • Impermeable to Fluids

  • Peel and Tear Resistant
This Roll has a diameter of 3" and is 8" Long
Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Rolls